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What We Do


Applying simple and advanced techniques to find insights, trends and patterns in your data to help your organisation make better decisions. We use the full python data stack to bring a comprehensive suite of analytics toolkits to your data assets

Web development

We can deliver our analytics via purpose made websites including server management and front end development.

Modelling and analysis

We develop and deploy models to power your data backend. From one off models to machine learning models that are deployed and will continuously improve, to give you the competitive edge

Business intelligence

Bring your data to life with informative, relevant and easy to use dashboards and visualisations. Implement this using propretery software such as Tableau, or fully customised using web based dashbaords.

Data integration

From RDBMS to unstructured data, we can interface with most systems and information repositories to create data pipelines so your business can leverage its data assets.

Risk management

Identify and quantify any risks that your business might face and develop strategies to prevent adverse consequences.

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